Bookkeeping Services

We offer to take care of the full charge bookkeeping service (whole accounting cycle) of your small business’ financial transactions, by:

· Installing and setting of accounting and customer relationship management software (QuickBooks, Sage...)

· Installing and setting of point-of-sales system (QuickBooks, Sage...)

· Training of your employees on the use of the software

· Doing your bookkeeping on the monthly basis from our offices (you save on accounting salary and benefits)

· Preparing your periodic or annual business budget and keeping track on your expenses in real time. 

· Preparing your quarterly and annual tax returns

· Producing weekly, monthly and annual financial statements (balance sheet, profit and loss statement and statement of cash flow)

· Reconciling your bank transactions (Bank Reconciliation)

· Providing you with monthly activities reports to help you take the right management decision

· Helping you manage your customers and making collection for you

· Etc.



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